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Racer Info

New Racing Info

  • Open Test & Tunes at SIR now welcome ATV’s
  • 4 wheel ATV’s are now welcome to join with our motorcycles during Open Test and Tune nights (or days). The same IHRA rules apply to ATVs as for motorcycles.

Racer Information

       1. Racer Safety
       2. New Racer Information

Racer Safety

  • Effective immediately, race support vehicles, i.e. pit bikes, scooters, golf carts, etc will be limited to one (1) vehicle per race vehicle.
  • The support vehicle shall have the race vehicle number posted prominently and visibly on the vehicle.

The rules as they apply to all vehicles in the pits:

  • Speed limit: 5 MILES PER HOUR
  • No operators under 16 years of age
  • No riders on scooters, ATV’s, pit bikes that cannot sit behind the operator and hold on (no little kids on the tank or riding in front of the operator)
  • Staging lanes: Children may stay in the golf cart, on the seat. Children MAY NOT sit on a pit bike or scooter while in the staging lanes.

Violations will be handled as follows:

  • 1st offense of minor violation = verbal warning
  • 2nd offense “ “ = park the support vehicle
  • 3rd offense “ “ = poss. Event DQ
**Note: Violations determined by management as grossly negligent may result in immediate event DQ and/or removal from the facility. YOU, the entered race drivers are responsible for the actions of your crew. If they violate the rules, they put YOUR race day at risk.


New Racer Information

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